Jan 21, 2013

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Wireless connection drops when downloading files
Jan 21st 2013, 23:50

I saw there was another thread on this but with out a solution and I didn't want to piggyback on it. Not sure if my issue is 100% the same. My wireless connection drops when I try to download a file (ie, google chrome). Once it drops however, it will not reconnect until i reboot.

I am using a Dell Inspiron mini 12 with the following adapter:
03:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01)
03:00.0 0280: 14e4:4315 (rev 01)

dmesg says the following about this card:

[ 9.972877] b43-pci-bridge 0000:03:00.0: PCI INT A -> GSI 17 (level, low) -> IRQ 17
[ 9.972907] b43-pci-bridge 0000:03:00.0: setting latency timer to 64
[ 10.628962] b43-phy0: Broadcom 4312 WLAN found (core revision 15)
[ 10.939346] Broadcom 43xx driver loaded [ Features: PMLS, Firmware-ID: FW13 ]
[ 38.786147] b43-phy0: Loading firmware version 478.104 (2008-07-01 00:50:23)

it also says this right after, not sure if this has anything to do with anything:

[ 10.631177] dell-laptop: Blacklisted hardware detected - not enabling rfkill

from iwconfig:

wlan0 IEEE 802.11bg ESSID:"Khaotic 2.4GHz b/g/n"
Mode:Managed Frequency:2.422 GHz Access Point: E0:91:F5:01:C8:E6
Bit Rate=1 Mb/s Tx-Power=20 dBm
Retry long limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off
Encryption key:9CD5-157E-29DE-870A-985C-D41B-69
Power Management:off
Link Quality=70/70 Signal level=-13 dBm
Rx invalid nwid:0 Rx invalid crypt:0 Rx invalid frag:0
Tx excessive retries:0 Invalid misc:39 Missed beacon:0

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