Feb 16, 2013

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steamer - install STEAM 'à la brute'
Feb 16th 2013, 19:36

Good people of the Realm,

Everyone knows I have a perverted mind and though STEAM for Linux doesn't support the only game I like from Valve (Day of Defeat: Source), I've decided to take a look on how to install STEAM without the bullsh1t from Valve.

What people should know about this script:

1) This script installs the game on $HOME/.steam_install; this is intended for my personal usage and to keep the STEAM install only available to my user and not shared with other people who might have access to the machine. This allows proper maintenance and some security to the files considering that they are shielded by a natural 0700 on /home/$USER.
2) I don't install the 2 icons on /usr/share/pixmaps because I use the Faience icon theme which has a way nicer icon for Steam and saves me some lines to enter root password during the install.
3) I don't install .desktop links/files because they are part of a broken standard in my opinion, XDG should be banned!


a) Python
b) Internet Connection (around 179Mb, 2.6Mb from the .deb package and 175 of downloadable bootstrap files)


c) Since I've obliterated the wrapper provided by valve, you need to get $HOME/.steam_install added to the path, this can be done with:

$ echo "export PATH=\"\$PATH:\$HOME/.steam_install\"" >> ~/.bashrc
d) For commodity create a symbolic link to 'steam' pointing to 'steam.sh'

$ ln -s $HOME/.steam_install/steam.sh $HOME/.steam_install/steam
e) relog
f) if you want a launcher, create it manually :)

Get you STEAM show running:


$ wget -c https://raw.github.com/ketheriel/steamer/master/steamer
$ chmod 0755 steamer
$ ./steamer

At some point if you have the dependencies installed (you might need steam dependencies) the script will trigger a bootstrap update, YOU MUST ALLOW THE UPDATE TO FINISH and then close the window when the Steam login window appears. Sure I could multithread the script for this to run, but I'd rather keep this way to force people to this properly.

Feedback is most welcome so I can improve this stuff and package it. The launcher doesn't concern me as modern desktop users can do this easilly, and since I opted for a install for every user and have it installed inside users homes, they are somehow unecessary on system space :) The PATH I will make the script add it in a future version alongside with the symbolic link! For now, it's ok...

In the future I will also add a small piece of code to hook up to zypper and download the dependencies, for now, I want feedback to improve core functionality so later I can split the script into a small library with functions to manage steam, and in the long run I would like this to be a wrapper to manage steam and steam servers :)

Hope this helps...

PS: For the dependencies check other threads about this.

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