Dec 16, 2012

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Update conflicts after 12.2 upgrade
Dec 16th 2012, 16:09


After rolling on 12.2 with the latest Tumbleweed repositories, I get a conflicts when trying to install updates.

I am not sure how I should resolve the conflict as I get the choice between not installing patches or downgrading other packages. I don't want to break my setup, I don't know much about these packages and I would rather ask than guessing.

Can anyone advice on how I should resolve these conflicts and how to figure out what's the right resolution for this case?

#### YaST2 conflicts list - generated 2012-12-16 16:27:24 ####

patch: openSUSE-2012-588-1.noarch conflicts with kdm-branding-openSUSE.noarch < 12.2-11.8.1 provided by kdm-branding-openSUSE-12.2-2.8.noarch

[ ] Following actions will be done:
do not install patch: openSUSE-2012-588-1.noarch
do not install patch: openSUSE-2012-701-1.noarch
[ ] deinstallation of kdm-branding-openSUSE-12.2-2.8.noarch

patch:openSUSE-2012-587-1.noarch conflicts with gio-branding-openSUSE.noarch < 12.2-5.4.1 provided by gio-branding-openSUSE-12.2-2.1.noarch

[ ] Following actions will be done:
replacement of gio-branding-openSUSE-12.2-2.1.noarch with gio-branding-openSUSE-12.2-5.4.1.noarch
downgrade of libgio-2_0-0-2.34.2-2.2.i586 to libgio-2_0-0-2.32.4-4.8.1.i586
[ ] do not install patch:openSUSE-2012-587-1.noarch

patch:openSUSE-2012-685-1.noarch conflicts with kdebase4-workspace-branding-openSUSE.i586 < 12.2-6.8.1 provided by kdebase4-workspace-branding-openSUSE-12.2-2.4.i586

[ ] Following actions will be done:
replacement of kdebase4-workspace-branding-openSUSE-12.2-2.4.i586 with kdebase4-workspace-branding-openSUSE-12.2-6.8.1.i586
downgrade of kwin-4.9.4-4.1.i586 to kwin-4.8.5-2.10.1.i586
downgrade of kdebase4-workspace-4.9.4-4.1.i586 to kdebase4-workspace-4.8.5-2.10.1.i586
downgrade of kdebase4-session-4.9.4-2.1.noarch to kdebase4-session-4.8.4-1.1.1.noarch
downgrade of kdebase4-workspace-plasma-engine-akonadi-4.9.4-4.1.i586 to kdebase4-workspace-plasma-engine-akonadi-4.8.5-2.10.1.i586
downgrade of kdebase4-workspace-liboxygenstyle-4.9.4-4.1.i586 to kdebase4-workspace-liboxygenstyle-4.8.5-2.10.1.i586
downgrade of kdebase4-workspace-plasma-calendar-4.9.4-4.1.i586 to kdebase4-workspace-plasma-calendar-4.8.5-2.10.1.i586
downgrade of akonadi-runtime-1.8.1-2.3.i586 to akonadi-runtime-1.7.2-2.1.2.i586
downgrade of python-kde4-4.9.4-4.2.i586 to python-kde4-4.8.5-2.4.2.i586
downgrade of plasma-addons-lancelot-4.9.4-4.1.i586 to plasma-addons-lancelot-4.8.5-2.4.1.i586
downgrade of kontact-4.9.4-4.1.i586 to kontact-4.8.5-2.12.1.i586
downgrade of korganizer-4.9.4-4.1.i586 to korganizer-4.8.5-2.12.1.i586
downgrade of kdepim4-runtime-4.9.4-4.1.i586 to kdepim4-runtime-4.8.5-2.4.1.i586
downgrade of kdepim4-4.9.4-4.1.i586 to kdepim4-4.8.5-2.12.1.i586
downgrade of kaddressbook-4.9.4-4.1.i586 to kaddressbook-4.8.5-2.12.1.i586
downgrade of akonadi-4.9.4-4.1.i586 to akonadi-4.8.5-2.12.1.i586
downgrade of libakonadiprotocolinternals1-1.8.1-2.3.i586 to libakonadiprotocolinternals1-1.7.2-2.1.2.i586
downgrade of python-kdebase4-4.9.4-4.1.i586 to python-kdebase4-4.8.5-2.10.1.i586
downgrade of kmail-4.9.4-4.1.i586 to kmail-4.8.5-2.12.1.i586
downgrade of kdm-4.9.4-4.1.i586 to kdm-4.8.5-2.10.1.i586
downgrade of kdebase4-workspace-ksysguardd-4.9.4-4.1.i586 to kdebase4-workspace-ksysguardd-4.8.5-2.10.1.i586
downgrade of akregator-4.9.4-4.1.i586 to akregator-4.8.5-2.12.1.i586
[ ] do not install patch: openSUSE-2012-685-1.noarch

#### YaST2 conflicts list END ###

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