Feb 15, 2013

openSUSE Forums: Is nvidia 304.64 possible to install in 12.3 RC 1?

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Is nvidia 304.64 possible to install in 12.3 RC 1?
Feb 15th 2013, 08:16

In fresh install of 12.3 RC 1 with GeForce 6150 I tried to install nvidia 304.64. It first complained about missing version.h file. I was able to correct that by creating a link but then nvidia-installer gives a general error complaining about kernel sources or files not being correctly configured. I had to reinstall and am using the illegitimate nouveau driver currently. [What has happened to nouveau? It's now harder to get rid of than roaches in New Orleans. Are nouveau devs proud of this?] The first question is does anyone else have nvidia 304.64 installed in 12.3 and if so how did you do that?

I can attempt to install nvidia 304.64 again in order to provide output for troubleshooting but have currently seen only posts about 'modern nvidia 310.x'. Hence the title question. Is it that nvidia 304.64 hasn't been updated to work with kernel 3.7.x-desktop? Or missing packages dependencies? I'm not a novice and am reasonably sure I more than covered needed packages. But, again, I'm willing to try again to provide output.

Aside: Is it coincidence that 'nouveau' and 'nvidia (legacy) 304.64 have gone to feces at the same time.>:)

rotfl!: Or is this some vast MS$,nVidia conspiracy to force the purchase of new hardware that a working stiff in South East Louisiana can't afford thereby creating a group of 2nd class citizens leading to chaos and ultimately the collapse of civilization as we know it?rotfl!


trying to test openSuSE 12.3 RC 1 x86_64

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