Aug 22, 2012

openSUSE Forums: New 12.1 x86-32 LXDE desktop install. Online Update downloads fail!

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New 12.1 x86-32 LXDE desktop install. Online Update downloads fail!
Aug 22nd 2012, 17:37

Hello List, Moderators! I just installed 12.1 from a DVD that has successfully installed on other boxes. My network BW here is only 256Kbits/secs, but it works well. Let me put my question here and let the details of my problem follow. I think the transition to 12.2 has messed up some of the 12.1 servers/mirrors that Online Update uses. In that case can I get my 12.1 updated some other way? Alternately, maybe this stalled download behavior is symptomatic of some know problem! In trying to update my 12.1 to the current level Yast > Sw > Online Update finds several hundred patches and updates. If I accept the entire list, the update starts with openSuse English manpages. That file is smaller than 10MB. It's install download races to 99% and quits. That repeats three times and gives the option of abort, retry, or skip. Retry repeats the process, skip brings up the next update which also fails at 90% or greater and that process repeats to the prompt. Abort kills everything including any updates in the session that may have somehow managed to download and install. Going thru the laborious process of negating all of the suggested updates (All in the List > do not install), I can cherry pick some single updates and get them to install, but there's several hundred more to go! Some individually updates like firefox and thunderbird, altho quite large complete fine. Just for grins, I downloaded the OpenOffice rpm from which tho very large by comparison worked fine. While Online Update is spinning helplessly on a stalled download, I can browse or get my email with plenty of network BW to spare. heboland.

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